ESPARTO Leggings Mala

Yoga Shirt Men "Bhaalu"

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Fabric from organic production - for your health and the environment
Present colors: Snow White * Black * Night Blue * Teal * Garnet Red
Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL
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ESPARTO Herrenhose Sitaara

The masculin and comfortable cut and the sufficiant length lets MAN move the way desired.

Fabric of outstanding quality, well sewn - pleasant on your skin.

ESPARTO Herrenhose Sitaara

ESPARTO Herrenhose Sitaara
ESPARTO Herrenhose Sitaara
ESPARTO Herrenhose Sitaara
ESPARTO Leggings Mala
ESPARTO Herrenhose Sitaara
ESPARTO Herrenhose Sitaara

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Material: 95% cotton (organic cotton grown in Turkey) and 5% Elastane
The percentages are weight content.

Softly flowing handpicked organic cotton, firm, not transparent, organic cotton with Elastane, that guarantees a perfect fit.

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL
ESPARTO colors:

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Sustainability and Reliability
ESPARTO organic cotton ESPARTO organic cotton ESPARTO at GOTS  

Statement for the ESPARTO eco collection "yoga fashion design Berlin":
This collection is vegan. Handpicked organic cotton.
The processing of the organic cotton (knitting, dying, sewing, and packing) in one region with short transportation distances.
Direct contact to production facility.
The packaging is PVC-free.

Global Organic Textile Standard
Version -5.0- Clothes / Trading

Kirsten Kaack (design and production ESPARTO ®)    

Latest update on 02/19/2018