ESPARTO Yoga Pants "Sooraj" - The Original


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ESPARTO Yoga Pants "Sooraj" - The Original

ESPARTO Yoga and Pilates Pants "Sooraj"
The Original

Esparto Eco Fashion Collection "yogafashion design Berlin"

Elastic, dimensionally stable unisex sports trousers for Pilates, Yoga, wellness, martial arts, and leisure
with double skirt element and turn-downs

Sooraj - the convertible. The skirt element warms your kidneys and conceal- if there is something to conceal. The skirt length is variable. The turn-downs adapt to your leg length and let you change the trouser length the way you like. They even warm your feet if you need it. Nothing slips, not even in a headstand.

Sooraj - the versatile. From the Yoga studio directly into the office? Start your day relaxed and stress-free. Comfortable and well-dressed during air travel, at the beach, in the cafe with a friend, or while jogging. High Heels? Why not!

You will never want to take them off again!

Softly flowing handpicked organic cotton, firm, not transparent, organic cotton with Elastane, that guarantees a perfect fit.

Material: 95% cotton (organic cotton grown in Turkey) and 5% Elastane
The percentages are weight content.

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