ESPARTO Half-Sleeve Shirt "Sadaa"


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ESPARTO Half-Sleeve Shirt "Sadaa"

ESPARTO Half-Sleeve Shirt "Sadaa"

Esparto Eco Fashion Collection "yogafashion design Berlin"

Elastic Shirt for Pilates, Yoga, Wellness, and leasure, with a wide "U-Boat-cleavage"

This feel-good-shirt warms you before and after your workout. It is comfortable and takes part in whatever you do. You can pull it down long or curtail it - as you feel like.

It has a wide cut around your chest and is tight at your waist. Wide at the shoulders.
Ideal for Pilates, Yoga, Wellness, and leisure.

At the front it carries our embroidered emblem "mermaid" in a slightly modified color.

Material: 95% Soft flowing handpicked organic cotton, firm, not transparent, grown in Turkey, with Elastane, that guarantees a perfect fit.
95% cotton and 5% Elastane (of weight)

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