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ESPARTO ® Yoga Fashion

Eco fashion – designed in Berlin, Germany – now available in the UK

Each piece in the ESPARTO collection reflects years of practice in teaching Pilates and Yoga to achieve a better design and quality. It is the combination of functionality, ecological sustainability, and outstanding quality that sets ESPARTO apart and gave us the success we have.

So comfy, stretchy, organic, and cool. You won’t want to put it off again.

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Apart from that I am offering selected articles of clothing of other manufacturers. For these I aspire a similar quality.

Satisfied customers are my highest priority. Also I place high value on sustainable production of the products.

The quality of the ESPARTO collection is not only guaranteed by the GOTS label but through volonteer tests in independent laboratories the alalysis shows the absence of pollutants with values far below those defined by the GOTS standard.

Sustainability and Reliability
ESPARTO organic cotton ESPARTO organic cotton ESPARTO at GOTS  

Statement for the ESPARTO eco collection "yoga fashion design Berlin":
This collection is vegan. Handpicked organic cotton.
The processing of the organic cotton (knitting, dyeing, sewing, and packing) in one region with short transportation distances.
Direct contact to production facility.
The packaging is PVC-free.

Global Organic Textile Standard
Version -5.0- Clothes / Trading

Kirsten Kaack (design and production ESPARTO ®)    

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